What is Drawmaster?

The Drawmaster is a device used to test the draw of a cigar to assure its smokeability every time.

Cigar manufacturers around the world trust the Drawmaster. They know guaranteed success is not
the “luck of the draw” but in the assurance that hard work and diligent oversight have produced
a product worthy of their name.

The Drawmaster is crafted to be rugged and dependable.
We’ve carefully assembled components that are accurate and reliable.

We take pride in each piece of of custom machinery we produce,
so we house the components in a varnished maple cabinet.
Quality is apparent in the way it looks and in the way it works.

Each affordable unit will pinpoint waste and point to cost saving solutions.
Rely on the Drawmaster for assured smokeability.

Drawmaster Features

• Drawer
contains 12 count bag of 36″ hygenic latex tubes (approx 48 uses)
• Draw Mandrel
adjusts to gauge the length of cigar in draw chamber
• Flow Meter
calibrates the system
• Magnehelic Gauge
accurately measures optimal draw
• Primary and Secondary Filters
are easy to clean and keep tobacco particles out of vacuum pump
• Double Stainless Steel Test Chamber
precisely tests draw
• Vacuum Pump
– System vacuum source
• #40 Standard
for calibrating the Drawmaster
• Pair of Scissors
for cutting latex tubes


Models: 2032 – Measures Ring Gauges 20 to 32
2441 – Measures Ring Gauges 24 to 41
3156 – Measures Ring Gauges 31 to 56
5075 – Measures Ring Gauges 50 to 75
Features: Double Stainless Steel Chamber
Foot Valve Switch
Brass Ring Gauges (optional)
Ideal Length Tester (optional)
Weight: 40 lbs. Portable Unit
Dimensions: 12″ x 12″ x 24″ Custom maple case
Components: Commercial components
in a durable self-contained unit
Electricity: 110 volts operation – 60 cycle
(50 cycle box available)
Optional: Carrying case available
Warranty: One year guarantee on components