• Cigar Perfection

    Savvy smokers expect superior flavor, even burn and optimal draw. Rely on the Drawmaster for assured smokeability.

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  • World Class

    Draw-test cigars with the most cost effective, non-destructive cigar testing device on the market today.

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  • No Guesswork

    Drawmaster takes the guesswork out of testing, sorting, rolling, and packaging fine cigars. It quantifies draw, diameter, and length.

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  • Highest Quality

    The Drawmaster is crafted to be rugged and dependable. We have carefully assembled components that are accurate and reliable.

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What is Drawmaster?

The Drawmaster is a device used to test the draw of a cigar to assure its smokeability every time.

Control Cost:

• Train bunch rollers using real draw data, not assumed!
• Reduce waste by testing cigars before adding the valuable outside wrapper.
• Cigars once culled because of feel can consistently be proven accurate.

Check Quality:

• Measure diameter, length, and draw to supply a consistent and quantified product.
• Accurately gauge draw to satisfy various markets.
• Sort cigars quickly and accurately
• Quantify returns without destroying the product.

Increase Sales:

• Offer consistently superior products.
• Confidently sell products that have passed specific criteria for assured smokeability.